ABATE of Colorado 


Why should I join ABATE? Why should I care?

ABATE is about freedom:

  • Freedom from excessive government control.
  • Freedom from illogical and ignorant laws.
  • Freedom from those who act against the wishes of the constituents.
You say you don’t have the time…

ABATE will demand no more of your time than you can give. Of course, we would enjoy seeing your face at the meetings where we can talk about the latest set of after-market pipes, or where the next poker run is, or which legislator just tried to introduce another law that will affect your riding freedom. We would enjoy seeing you participate, helping the organization grow and flourish.

I’m not very good with politics…
All we ask is that you vote. Which you probably do anyway. Otherwise why are you still reading this?

“I just want to ride”
ABATE members just want to ride too. We want to ride safely, without limiting devices forced upon us under the false label of safety. ABATE has many runs, rides and events that we participate in.

ABATE is about education:

  • Education before legislation for the politicians.
  • Education for all riders by conducting 2 & 3 wheel training classes.
  • Education for the safety of riders, coordinating efforts in a grass-roots organization, networking with ALL 2 & 3 wheeled riders.
  • Educating the soccer moms and Joe Public, encouraging them to become more aware of motorcycles that they share the road with.


  • Because you are a concerned biker, citizen, or parent.
  • Because you want your voice to be heard in government.
  • Because you’re mad as hell and you don’t want to take it anymore.
  • Because you want to make a difference
  • Because you care about the future of motorcycling!

ABATE sponsors many activities. We promote motorcycle safety and driver awareness. We have several programs to address the many facets of motorcycle riding. You will be a part of an active and exciting grassroots organization lobbying state and federal legislators to make your views on motorcycling known. We fight against unfair, discriminatory laws and practices affecting motorcyclists. Join with others in our organization to promote motorcycle safety and awareness in your community. No matter what you ride, you will be affected by laws that are passed, from unfair insurance issues to noise issues, and everything in between. We encourage motorcyclists to become legislatively active and have some fun while you are doing it! We would enjoy becoming your fellow-rider, activist, and friend.

New Members receive

  • an ABATE patch upon joining and optional successive year pins when renewing
  • voting rights at district meetings
  • current email alerts on all motorcycle-related legislation
  • education on effectiveness of representing your views on motorcycling issues
  • $4000 Accidental Death/Dismemberment insurance free of charge

We are not all work and no play; we have many events that we sponsor. Poker runs, Coffee Runs, Track days, campouts and get-togethers are offered all year long. When  you become a member of ABATE of Colorado, you are helping make a difference in the ongoing mission to protect our right to ride. You will have the personal satisfaction of joining your brothers and sisters in promoting the great sport of motorcycling.

You just might have fun!

So what are you waiting for?  JOIN or RENEW

*Please note: annual renewal pins are no longer sent automatically. If you wish to continue receiving the annual renewal pins, please make a note in the ‘instructions to seller’ field on the PayPal application.

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